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We love kids and are passionate about creating loving environments where they can learn and grow.



Amaze Early Education Philosophy

Early childhood is a time of rapid growth both mentally and physically. We recognise the significance of these years in laying the foundations for schooling and life. As your child moves through these years, the centre aims to provide a secure, stimulating, caring, warm and friendly environment for young children and their families.

We provide appropriate developmental and educational programmes for all children. These programmes are underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework. The experiences offered contribute to the continuing growth of young children’s knowledge of themselves and the world around them.


Specific Goals Of The Early Education Programme

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The aims of the Programme are to:

Childcare Programmes

Early Years (6 weeks - 3 years)

The Amaze early years programme:

These skills are built on in the Kindergarten programme.


Childcare Programmes

Kindergarten (3–5 years)

The kindergarten programme is provided for children in the year before they start school. We offer students a variety of developmentally, socially and culturally appropriate experiences. This programme is delivered by approved Early Childhood Education teachers. The Kindergarten Learning Guidelines underpin this programme.

The structure of the day will allow for a rest/relaxation period.

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