Great news! If you haven’t already heard, the Queensland Government has recently announced that Kindergarten, also known as “kindy,” will be FREE for all children in QLD. Recognising the significance of this early phase in a child’s life, the QLD government started this initiative to ensure that all children in the region have access to high quality kindergarten to kickstart their learning journey. 

Free Kindy for All Queensland Children: Details and Eligibility Criteria

The Kindergarten program is available in long day care and sessional services, allowing parents to choose the option that best suits their family’s needs. Starting 1 January 2024, kindy for all QLD children attending a government-approved kindy program on either of the two services is free. Children must be at least four years old by 30 June 2024 before they attend Prep to be eligible. 

The free kindy program runs for 15 hours a week across 40 weeks of the year, with qualified Early Childhood Teachers ensuring a high standard of education.

If a child is already attending long day care, it should automatically show a reduction of fees from the beginning of their 2024 kindy program. For hours of care before and after the kindy program, the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) may partially cover these costs.

Families still paying a regular rate after the start of the free kindy program should speak with their service provider. If further assistance is needed, they can email the Department of Education’s kindy funding team at

Benefits of Enroling Your Child in the Amaze’s Kindy Program 

Give your child a strong foundation at Amaze! We offer opportunities for your little ones to develop holistically. Focusing on their intellectual and emotional wellbeing, we provide a nurturing environment where your child can learn essential skills to thrive. Each day at Amaze is a thrilling adventure of exploration and discovery.

What We Focus On At Amaze

Developing Both Pre-literacy and Pre-numeracy Skills

Early exposure to reading, writing, and numeracy sets the stage for lifelong learning. Our kindy program engages children in fun, educational activities that build these essential skills.

Adopting Play Based Learning

Amaze’s kindy program is filled with fun and engaging activities. Our play based approach to learning encourages your child’s curiosity and creativity. It’s an environment where they are free to use their imagination and express themselves. When children play, they discover the joy of learning and can create incredible things!

Building Social Skills

Enroling your child in Amaze kindy program means they have an environment where they are encouraged to interact with others. They learn to talk, share, and make new friends. We provide them opportunities to play in small and big groups to develop their understanding of others and build their social skills. 

Fostering Independence and Confidence

At Amaze, children are encouraged to make choices and solve problems independently. With the guidance of qualified Early Education Teachers, your little ones know that they have a safe place where they can try new things, which will help them become self-assured and confident.

Free Kindy for All Queensland Children: An Amaze-ing Start for Your Little Ones

The Queensland Government’s initiative to provide free kindy is a significant development for families and children in the region. It ensures that all children, regardless of background, can begin their education strongly and positively. The benefits of free kindy for all Queensland children go beyond the classroom, as it will shape a brighter future for Queensland’s youngest learners.

Please contact us for more information about the enrolment procedures for the free kindy program at Amaze.