May 2019 has been a truly eventful month for the Amaze child care centre In Ormeau . So many wonderful things happened, and we got to share the highlights with all the parents who we attended our parent/educator meeting.  

In the four full months that we have had so far, we have already rolled out 26 programs and best practice initiatives to support all our Amaze Ormeau children to be the best they can be.

A Special Treat For The Mums

One particular event in May had everyone excited! For Mother’s day, mums got to spend time with their kids doing heaps of fun activities, including baking sweet goodies, colouring pictures, reading stories and playing outdoors.

The children showed off their skills, and all the mums were incredibly proud of their children. It is our way to make our beautiful mums feel that they are doing a great job raising these awesome little tykes. It definitely made Mother’s day even more special!

We Love Outdoor Play

Our outdoor learning program is also in full swing. Our Amaze children get to discover the outdoors where they can breathe fresh air, feel, touch, and expand on their sensory awareness. They learn to appreciate and love growing things – plants, flowers, insects, animals and everything they see in nature.

One of the activities that they enjoy most is when they get to go over to our vegetable patch. We encourage them to help tend our garden where pumpkins, at the moment, are growing left and right. We also have an abundance of herbs, so we got to share them with families too. The children get their hands dirty as they learn more about vegetables and plants and how to care for them.

For the World Bee Day, our Amaze children had a chance to see stingless bees in action. They can’t hide their excitement as the staff led them in a safe bushy area in anticipation of seeing bees fly above. All of them were in awe to find a natural stingless beehive, and they learned so much about the role of these insects as extremely effective pollinators.

We believe that children learn and absorb more knowledge when they see, feel and get to explore. This is why we bring in exciting and educational experiences like this.

Wow! It has been a great month, indeed! We are so happy that our Amaze children are learning so much and having fun at the same time. This is our goal, and we will continue such excellent childcare programs to provide a safe and warm environment for our children in ipswich and to cultivate their holistic growth and development.