5 Kids Holiday Program MUST HAVES

and one must not have!

cartoon of little boy at childcareIf you are a working parent, or any parent for that matter, you know that school holiday time seems to roll around super quickly. No sooner have you just finished one set of holidays, do you see the next program pop into your email box.

The two main goals you are hoping for when you enrol your child in a holiday program is 1) they need to be happy to go – look forward to the day, no tears in the morning and 2) they don’t want to leave when you pick them up.

6 weeks is a long time to have to battle every day with your child. It is emotionally stressful for both of you and physically taxing. Yes, I have wrangled a child out of a car to join a not so fun program – before I knew better.

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A Kids Holiday Program Must Have:

1. FUN!

Your child should be champing at the bit, ready to see what activities are on offer this holidays. When they come home, they should be bursting to tell you what they did that day.

2. Child Input

The reason your child is excited about the program is that it has been designed by kids for kids. Grown-ups do not know what is fun. Kids know what fun is. How often have you found something for your kids to do and thought how ‘cool’ it would be and it is a big fail? Our kids’ designed program is packed full of hands on, active and interactive FUN!

3. Nice teachers who care

Your child must gel with at least one teacher. Having someone they trust who genuinely cares for them, makes them feel secure. Even though they might not have a problem now, they know if they do there is someone there for them. And guess what? SECURITY = HAPPINESS

4. Variety

Your child’s program MUST be different every time. Often there are some favourites that the children say MUST be included, but there needs to be at least few things that have never been included before. If activities are repeated, careful consideration must given to whether it is a 6 monthly thing or an annual thing. Never every holidays.

5. Active Play!

Children sit still for 40 weeks. Little bodies are not made to sit still. Most children have ants in their pants. At their age, most children also need to move their bodies and be hands on to learn new skills such as rock climbing and archery. When you pick up your children from vacation care, they should be tired.

cartoon kids

and, must Not Have…

Obvious learning

“Documentaries, anything that sounds like, looks like, feels like school” (brought to you by Harry, aged 12).

Children spend most of their little lives at school, and so they don’t need anything that reminds them of it — other than their friends. Children can sniff out something educational a mile away.

Secretly, we operate with the My Time Our Place Framework; it means we are really sneaky about extending children’s knowledge and slipping the odd fact in here and there. We also help develop skills like team work, co-operation, problem solving and much more without the children knowing (shhh don’t tell Harry).

At Amaze, we spend a long time getting to know our children and involving them in the programming. No Amaze centre has an identical program because all children are different, all centres are different and our programs are child-centred.

Amaze has all 5 ‘must haves’ and so much more.

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Kids Love it Here!

Parents Love Amaze Too!

My two boys have attended Amaze Vacation Care for three years. They always enjoy their day. The Vacation Care program offers a great variety of activities with no two days the same, the children get a good variety of Afternoon tea snacks and I have every confidence in the staff there who we have gotten to know well. They always make sure the children are happy and safe and there’s no time for them to be bored.

Liz P

My daughters have been attending AMAZE Vacation Care for the past 3 years. I cannot speak highly enough of the care they receive, when I arrive to pick the girls up they are always playing games indoors or out, they have so much fun and always have activities organised. The staff are great, always smiling and we are always greeted which is nice. Would never send my girls anywhere else.

Angie K

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