5 Great Ways To Battle Temper Tantrums

Today our friend Monisha Iswaran from My Deal has shared with us some great tips for battling those temper tantrums. 

5 Great Ways To Battle Temper Tantrums

By Monisha Iswaran


Let’s be honest, we all have moments in life where we feel like sinking to the floor for a much needed meltdown – so can we really blame our little ones from doing just that from time to time? Hardly. Honestly, sometimes you feel like screaming back, or getting all worked up yourself, particularly if you’re stressed from work or low on sleep. There are of course definitely better ways of dealing with the situation and 5 of them are listed below.


1) Have A ‘Grown Up’ Conversation

 If you want your child to act like a grown up, sometimes you have to treat them like one. A tantrum usually occurs because of a particular incident, or words that triggered your little one into their downwards spiral – so find out what it was that set them off. Of course, some tantrums come about simply because your little one was tired, hungry or bored. However, it can never hurt to find out why they think they are crying and kicking up a fuss. By talking it through, they might realize there is no real reason for their frustration tears, and you may all simply end up having a giggle about it.


2) Distractions Are A Parent’s Best Friend

As a parent, it’s always handy to have distractions on hand, for anytime you are desperately running out of ways to change your child’s mood. It’s a great idea to have playthings and supplies with you at all times, especially when your kids are still little. Outdoor playsets are a great option for getting your kids out of their funk and putting smiles back on their faces. That way they get outside into the fresh air and play their problems away. Toys and games generally do the trick as well. You can browse discount dolls online, or find a selection of affordable, yet exciting toys that your kids will love. Having simple items they can play with on hand will be a lifesaver if you find yourself at a restaurant with a screaming child.


3) Don’t Give In!

There are of course those tantrums that take place in the store because your little munchkin has spied something they want, that you don’t think they need…. Or for another similar reason. Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns, as annoying and difficult as this can be, and wait out the wailing noises. Giving in and buying your child whatever they want is definitely not the solution, and is a step towards raising a demanding kid that believes they are entitled to whatever they want. Generally, if you’ve made an instinctual decision as a parent, it is probably the right one – so stick with it!


4) Prevention Tactics: Keep To A Routine

The best way to deal with a tantrum? Prevent one happening in the first place. This sounds close to impossible, but it isn’t! Many child psychologists have emphasised the benefits of keeping to a routine, in order to keep your child’s behaviour and moods under control. Having a systematic order to the day, keeping to similar bedtimes and having set amounts of TV times are all ways that you can regulate your little one’s life so that they aren’t thrown by dramatic changes to their schedule. This is bound to reduce the number of temper tantrums you have to deal with from day to day.


5) Dealing With Tempers: Get The Anger Out!

 Some kids honestly do have problems with their temper, and tantrums aren’t just a one-off occasion. This is definitely a trait that is better recognised and dealt with at a young age – rather than allowing it to develop into a full blown problem later on in life. You should teach your little one safe ways of handling their outbursts of anger. For example, walking away as soon as they feel the anger rising, or engaging in regular physical activity to release pent up frustrations.

Remember, no matter the type of tantrum, or the reason why it was caused – there’s always a sensible way to a put a stop to it. Keep your cool, take a deep breath, remind yourself of your role as a parent and calmly deal with the situation. You can handle this!

Amaze Loves Animals

A huge day for Amaze Part 3! Our philosophy on animals in our centres is well known. Amaze Hinterland (Mudgeeraba) has lizards, chickens, birds, fish and even a cricket breeding program! Miss Shivarn Lange has been bringing her gorgeous puppy in which the children absolutely love. Diaz from a hinterland was snapped showing the love! Mr Ben and Miss Kara Maree were also quoted on the benefits of animals in early childhood. Well done team!!!

Play-doh is Great for Kids’ Development!

Play-Doh fun something children need to knead to prepare for school
May 2, 2017 4:08pm – Madura McCormack

CHILDREN need to knead and sculpt Play-Doh to build finger muscles and prepare for school, experts say.

Griffith University early childhood professor Bev Fluckinger said the old-school toy is beneficial for physical, social and creative skills and should be introduced as soon as kids can grasp it.

“The physical benefits of manipulating Play-Doh certainly do help children develop their fine motor skills and strengthens their fingers, but that’s one of the smaller aspects of Play-Doh,” Dr Fluckinger said.

“Play-Doh is something that is used for social time, where kids can use their imagination and their creativity to create scenarios and dialogues as they’re playing.”

She recommended introducing Play-Doh to children from as early as six months to a year old.

“Building muscle tones in their fingers; it makes transition to school and early years in school much easier.”

Amaze Childcare general manager Lucy Cook said technology had not dented the popularity of Play-Doh because of its versatility.

“It’s a calming sensory experience that also allows for parallel play, so children may not be playing with each other, but side-by-side,” she said.

The Bro Code

Miss Lucy’s boys, ages 5, 5, 7 and 9. (2009)

Keeping busy, and tiring out, skiing in New Zealand (2015)

With having four boys, close in age, including twins, it has always been a challenge dealing with the physical-ness and rough and tumble. I learnt early on that an open plan environment is not good. In the words of the band Offspring, “you gotta keep ’em separated”. Consequently, my house has many different zones with tv’s or Xbox, computers and outdoors.

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#1 Way To Help Your Child To Speak

Lachlan Ward, 4, shares a secret with Ava-Grace Angeles, 4, at Amaze Early Education Centre, Silkstone. Picture: Tara Croser

Many of you have been interested in how to stimulate more speech from your toddlers so I thought I would share some top tricks that other parents have used at each stage of their child’s development…


From birth to six months… – Talk to your baby, and also talk to others when she is near. She won’t understand the words, but will like your voice and your smile. Then plan quiet time. Babies needs time to babble and play quietly without TV or radio or other noises.

Between six and nine months…Games have big impact on children, so ask your baby questions, like “Where’s doggie?” If he doesn’t answer, show him where.

Between nine and eighteen months… – When she points at or gives you something, talk about the object with her. “You gave me the book. Thank you! Look at the picture of the baby rolling the ball.”

Between twelve and fifteen months… – Give your child choices so they better associate words to wants “Do you want milk or juice?”

Between eighteen and twenty four months… – Encourage your child to talk to friends and family. He can tell them about a new toy. Engage your child in pretend play. You can talk on a play phone or have a party with the toy animals.

Between two and three years… – Ask your child to tell you the story that goes with a favourite book. “What happened to those three pigs?” Reading spurs language development.

The above are just examples from other parents, but remember… every child is unique so don’t be shocked if your child speaks earlier and more clearly than you ever expected. At Amaze, our Educators love watching children learn to speak, discover how to tell stories to each other, and create word games to play with their parents.

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Have an Amaze-ing Day!

Lucy Cook

Amaze Education

Hinterland Parenting Circles

A Problem Shared is a Problem Solved

Parenting can be a really tough job. At times, we feel at our wits end and that we don’t have the tools to deal with the behaviours our children are bringing us. Each month our Mudgeeraba Childcare Centre on Hinterland Drive holds a parenting circle. This circle is open to all and is also attended by Centre Director Kara Magill and Amaze General Manager Lucy Cook. Kara and Lucy have 7 children of varying ages between them and Lucy’s family live with special needs. We hope that all who attend can learn from each other, gain a parenting tip or trick or two, or simply feel their load is lightened by sharing.

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Amaze Active Mudgeeraba State School Vacation Care Sep/Oct 2015

Come and Join The Fun!!!!

AMAZE Active offers you a fun holiday program full of variety. Your children will be begging to come back for more. We provide care for over 500 families across our 4 locations – Mudgeeraba State School, Bonogin Rd, Somerset College and Crestmead State School. Amaze is truly the expert in school age care.

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Boredom Busters – how to keep kids busy over Easter

AMAZE Active offers you a fun holiday program full of variety. Your children will be begging to come back for more. We provide care for over 400 families across our 4 locations – Mudgeeraba State School, Bonogin, Somerset College and Crestmead State School. Amaze is truly the expert in school age care.

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