Run Your Children Ragged

Are you too busy or tired to entertain your children or ensure they are getting enough exercise?

A Crestmead mum has come to the rescue and devised a range of after-school programs to cut child obesity and crack down on too much screen time.

Physical education teacher Lucy Cook has started her own fun activities program called Amaze Active, at Crestmead State School.

With four busy boys, including twins, she was always looking for something to do that was cool and would wear out the kids well before bedtime. She came up with the idea after the only programs on offer were run by kindergartens.

Ms Cook said time-poor parents were unwittingly contributing to children becoming fat.

“Australia’s race to become one of the brightest, smartest and richest countries is also making our kids some of ht efattest — sitting down at desks all day in school and then failing to ‘move it’ at home or in after-school care,” Ms Cook Said.

Amaze Active Crestmead provides a session of dance a week that is included in fees.

For details, phone 07 3805 4964.