How to Win Friends (for kids only!!)

If you’ve ever heard your child complain, “Nobody likes me!” or “They won’t let me play!”, you know how painful it is for your child to feel friendless. All you want to do is wrap your arms around them and protect them from feeling all alone.

As much as you’d like to step in, you simply can’t make friends for your child. You can, however, give him/her the tools they need to be social and to make life a lot easier for them.

Here’s a few key ingredients that help kids form friendships:

1. Respect. Nothing attracts friends like respect. Teach your child how to compliment others, and others will gravitate to them.

2. Play Time. Giving your child chances to interact with other children helps them to be more comfortable around others, more social, and more confident.

3. Be a Friend. Kids learn by example. Let them see you smiling at others, being friendly in stores, complimenting and speaking kindly to other people.

At Amaze Active we know that success comes from more than just learning. For a child to succeed, they need education, self confidence, and friends who support them.

We encourage you to explore our Amaze-ing Vacation Care programs. Mixing with a wide range of children sharing fun activities together is a great way for new friendships to form.