What will my child learn at Amaze?


Abacus for kids learning to count


Literacy is a key skill on which all learning depends. Hence, the development of adequate skills is very important for young children. For example, the Pre-Prep Programme focuses on the following key components of early literacy.

  • Exposure to rich oral language (books, media, theatre and other art forms).
  • Concepts of print.
  • Oral expression and comprehension.
  • The writing process – writing for a purpose.


Much of the learning experiences offered in this curriculum area are through play. These include:

  • Free play – child determined.
  • Teacher assisted play – outcomes based.
  • Manipulation of concrete materials.

The opportunity to demonstrate understanding and use mathematical concepts is an integral part of a young child’s play. In these activities the child is given the freedom to develop the skills to think laterally and test possible solutions in order to find more than one answer to a problem. The skills acquired in play activities provide a sound basis for life-long learning.


Through small group project work the children will have the opportunity to investigate topics of interest. These projects involve them in debating issues related to particular topics, developing and testing theories, devising plans and discovering meaningful questions in collaboration with others. The children will be encouraged to ask questions about things in life that they find fascinating e.g. what makes a rainbow? By encouraging children to pose questions and hypothesise possible answers/solutions a community of thinkers will be nurtured.