Costs of Childcare

What are the fees?

Each centre’s fees are different. It is best to contact your individual centre where they can provide you a quote based on your subsidies.

To ensure you get the maximum rebate possible, we have an all inclusive fee for our school care programs.

Our excursions and after school dance and sports activities are included in the daily rate. As well as breakfast, afternoon tea and morning tea in school holidays.

Our Long Day Care and Kindergarten fees include all meals, nappies and activities such as music and dance or gross motor program (these vary from centre to centre).

Talk to us today and discover how manageable child care really is.


Do I get any fee subsidies?

The best idea is to phone the Family Assistance Office 136150 to find out your eligibility. They are open until 8pm at night, so often 7:45pm is a great time to call. The current subsidies are Child Care Benefit (means tested), Child Care Rebate (for working parents) and Kindergarten Funding (for the year before school).

Also, make sure your child’s immunisation schedule is current; you won’t be able to receive benefits if it isn’t.

outdoor play space in our childcare centre