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Early childhood is a time of rapid growth both mentally and physically. We recognise the significance of these years in laying the foundations for schooling and life. As your child moves through these years, the centre aims to provide a secure, stimulating, caring, warm and friendly environment for young children and their families. We provide appropriate developmental and educational programmes for all children. These programmes are underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework. The experiences offered contribute to the continuing growth of young children’s knowledge of themselves and the world around them.


The aims of the Programme are to:
  • Promote the child’s development in each foundation learning area: sense of self and others, social living and learning, thinking, communicating, cultural, environmental, health and physical understanding.
  • Foster those abilities, skills and attitudes that will assist in further learning.
  • Complement and build on learning that has already occurred at home and in the community.
  • Assist each child to make a smooth transition from home to school, with a gradual introduction to school life e.g. co-operative learning in the classroom and familiarisation with physical amenities.
  • Cater for individual needs and interests through a child centred and carefully planned play environment, where the child feels comfortable, accepted and secure.
  • Where applicable, utilise and extend on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and other pre-compulsory years of schooling curriculum guidelines.
  • Use a variety of equipment and materials and to experiment in its use.
  • Use the imagination and creative tendency that is evident in young children.
  • Develop language skills and understanding of concepts.
  • Develop an acceptance of routines and ability to participate in the daily life of the child’s class.
  • Allow time to work on projects of interest to the child.
  • Allow time to interact with a small group and within a whole class and to encourage individual contributions within both contexts.
  • Allow time for play where adult supervision does not intrude.
  • Develop both pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills.


Early Years (6 weeks – 3 years)

The Amaze early years programme:

  • Recognises individual differences and sets appropriate goals for each child.
  • Educates the whole child – physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.
  • Responds to the needs of the child.
  • Recognises children learn to co-operate, problem solve and think laterally. They learn language skills, basic mathematical concepts, persistence and concentration, the value of curiosity, self-confidence, co-ordination, healthy attitudes and values.
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These skills are built on in the Kindergarten programme.

Kindergarten (3–5 years)

The kindergarten programme is provided for children in the year before they start school. We offer students a variety of developmentally, socially and culturally appropriate experiences. This programme is delivered by approved Early Childhood Education teachers. The Kindergarten Learning Guidelines underpin this programme.

  • Whole group mat time (pre-literacy and pre-numeracy focus).
  • Indoor activities.
  • Extended project activities.
  • Child centred play activities.
  • Outdoor play – free and structured.
  • Gross and fine motor activities.
  • Music.

The structure of the day will allow for a rest/relaxation period.

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