I have been working in childcare since September 2015, starting as an educator and then being promoted to the acting coordinator role and now running my own full service with Amaze.

I got into childcare because I’ve always wanted to work with children. I grew up in the outback where we had farms and animals; a lot of the children that I work with live in apartments so my main focus is to give them experiences that I grew up with like gardening and raising chickens. Things that they normally wouldn’t experience in a typical Brisbane community.and vacation care services with another provider.

Meet Tamara

Coordinator | Brisbane Central


As an educator we have to think of alternative ways to get children to have fun and play but still learn something. As an after-school hours care service, we get to give the children experiences that they don’t necessarily get in the classroom. It’s our job to say ‘Hey! You know what let’s do something different today’. We get to get our hands dirty with projects and not be stuck in a classroom.


It’s the people. You have so much support and the managers and the entire office asking if you need help. Since I started it is training and training and training. There is never a day that I walk in and go “aahhrg!” Every day I walk in and the only thing I need to ask is “What can I get for the children today” and that is it. It is such an awesome environment to work in.

“Everything here comes down to your attitude.”


If you are willing to step up and go the extra mile; that is definitely something that will make you successful here at Amaze. If you are looking for something that is going to fulfill you in a career in childcare so that you can be what you want to be, Amaze has got that.