Amaze-ing Rewards

We all contributed to our Culture, and so we all want to live by it daily. This means having fun together, while we work hard for the benefit of the children in our care.

Here are some of the things we do, to ensure everyone has opportunity, connection, community and fun at Amaze

We are a social group and enjoy our fun times together not only at work but outside of work as well. We love an opportunity to celebrate birthdays or each other’s accomplishments. We regularly do themed lunches that everyone contributes to, as well as joining in on centre dress up days – anything for an opportunity to laugh at ourselves….who else gets to go to work wearing a super hero costume or their pyjamas!!

Recognition of our value to the Amaze Community is celebrated at every opportunity; we have monthly Staff Recognition Awards, Parent’s Choice Awards, Community Service and Innovation Awards, as well as Service Awards at Amaze. To us, knowing that each of us is valued for our individual contribution, both internally and within the wider community is what matters most. That can be through something as simple as enjoying our Freddo Fridays or catching up over a coffee offsite.

Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy, working at Amaze:

  • Conference Care – one of the things we are completely passionate about is cross and up-skilling. Our conference care program offers team members the opportunity to step out of their day to day, and into a fun and fast paced conference environment.  Opportunities are communicated as they arise
  • HR Information System – join our team, and the first thing you will experience, before you even walk through the door, is our HR Information System. Lucy, Phil and Bruce have invested in systems that make communication (and our lives!) so simple. You will always have access to your HR file, leave calendar, employment documentation and anything else you need, through it
  • Retail Discounts – A special bonus is our access to so many retail discounts and other offers which is available to every team member from Day 1 at Amaze!  Simply log into our HRIS and get instant access
  • Career Paths – We are committed to individual career and growth paths and it is our HR Policy, to open all opportunities to internal team members before seeking external applications. With the continued growth through new Centres, we are able to offer new opportunities, whenever a new Centre is opened.
  • Own Children Discounts – All permanent full time and part time team members have immediate access to 25% discount on both full day care and OSHC programs, upon starting with us.
  • Employee Assist Program (EAP) – Working in childcare can sometimes be difficult; we understand that. We have invested in a company wide EAP to support each and every team member through some of the things we are exposed to.  We actively encourage all team members to use this service: you don’t need to tell us when or why, it is just there for you when you need it
  • Community – being embedded in the communities we serve is a vital part of our Culture.  We encourage all team members to get involved individually and you will have opportunity for company-organised activities also

Click here to see our Amaze Community Partnerships.

Training is an important part of our Culture and we are given many opportunities to develop. Training for us happens in our rooms, in our team meetings and we are also encouraged to attend supported professional development days. Some of the workshops attended include: Nature Play, Educational Leaders Conference, Inclusion Support, working with Different Behaviours and many more. Education is what we do; it’s important not only for the children in our care but also for us to share ideas and grow.

There are too many things that we do to celebrate both our individuality and our shared goals, to list here. We encourage you to JOIN US and help grow our Amaze-ing Culture!

“Knowing that what we are doing is appreciated is sometimes what matters the most”